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Tower Hamlets Tennis Ltd

Local, Inclusive, Fun Tennis

A Social Enterprise Company Limited by guarantee.

Registered in England & Wales No. 7980500


Social Tennis

Every week, pay and play to suit your schedule, please choose appropriate level.


MATCHPLAY Social tennis - for those experienced players able to serve and rally consistently well, often at pace , with dynamic movement (top end L3 courses and above)


RECREATIONAL Social - for players on our L2/3 courses, looking to move into matchplay and for those needing to develop into matchplay at a more accessible pace/standard. Not suitable for beginners.


We also have an invitation level, which is 'strong club level' , please write to us if that sounds like you before booking


Please do not be offended if we select your level or advise a move, we are just looking to keep as many customers happy (from beginners to ex competitors)

Session Booking  Information

£5.00 daylight / £5.85 floodlit for two hours of matchplay

Not suitable for beginners or improvers.


Booking guarantees you can play.Run at a number of sites across the borough. Social Matchplay provides fun,engaging tennis by rotating doubles matches with different partners and opponents to help broaden your tennis skills.


All bookings are subject to Booking Terms and Conditions . Please take time to understand our our refunds process and policy.

Booking Enquiries

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If you can't find a course or session that you want, add to our "wish list" by asking us.

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