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Tower Hamlets Tennis Ltd

Local, Inclusive, Fun Tennis

A Social Enterprise Company Limited by guarantee.

Registered in England & Wales No. 7980500


Complaints Procedure

Tower Hamlets Tennis is a not-for-proft organisation working on behalf of local tennis players.


We aim to provide accessible, affordable and enjoyable tennis to anyone wanting to hit a ball with a racquet, or anyone who thinks they might want to at least try.


Occasionally you may feel that the service provided by us does not meet your expectations, or that you have a complaint to make. In this case , we recommend the following process. This is unless your complaint is related to safeguarding , in which case , our safeguarding procedures in line with the LTA's should be used.


STAGE 1 -  Email customer service [email protected]


In many cases, our customer service team should be the first point of call. Many issues can be resolved with clear communication and if a mistake has been made, we try to correct it.


STAGE 2 - Formal Complaint to Tower Hamlets Tennis Ltd


Please email Director at [email protected] . This should include as much detail as possible relating to your complaint. Plus a name, physical address , email address and your mobile phone number. In doing so you agree to be contacted my us. You will receive a written response within 7 days, to allow a Director, Junior Lead, Location Hub Coach, Internal Safeguarding Lead and Customer service manager to meet and review.


STAGE 3 - We are contracted to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council to manage the courts, recreational court bookings and a tennis programme and annual court maintenance.


If you wish to complain to them , please follow this process.



Tower Hamlets Tennis Ltd is a small not-for-profit organisation, which has regenerated tennis in East London since 2012. We have been involved in projects or sourced or directly provided over £700000 of inward investment in tennis facilities that 10000+ people enjoy every year. We do not have the resources of large organisations and do not receive any operational funding or support from LBTH, LTA or other bodies. Please bear this in mind.







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