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Tower Hamlets Tennis Ltd

Local, Inclusive, Fun Tennis

A Social Enterprise Company Limited by guarantee.

Registered in England & Wales No. 7980500



Tower Hamlets Tennis aims to provide accessible, affordable and enjoyable tennis for adults in and around Tower Hamlets. Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced player or fancy dusting off your rackets, THT can cater for your tennis needs.



If you simply want to hit some balls with family and friends you can book, pay and play at Bethnal Green Gardens, Victoria Park, Poplar Rec and King Edward Memorial also.



If you are looking for something more why not book a place at one of our Adult Social Match Play evenings. We have both mixed and women only socials available. Here you can play against people of a similar standard in a relaxed environment and get to know your fellow local players.  


Group Coaching

All our courses are bookable online.


Level 1 Beginner Course

This course gives a basic introduction to tennis and is for the beginner player who is just starting to play the game or the player who has very limited experience and is working towards getting the ball in play.

The course will teach the basic technique of the modern forehand, backhand, volley, and serve. Players will learn through a games based approach using a lower compression tennis ball.

By the end of the course players should have had fun and enjoyment in playing the game. They should be able to deliver a basic serve; demonstrate a degree of directional  control of the ball using a forehand, backhand and volley; and sustain a rally at a slower pace with other players of the same ability.


Level 2 Improving Beginners Course

This course is for players who are able to sustain a rally and have experience in hitting a basic serve, forehand, backhand, and volley. This course builds on the foundations taught in the Level 1 course and is suited to those who want to improve their play at the basic level.

The course will teach how to improve your existing basic strokes of the modern forehand, backhand, volley and serve and introduce tactical awareness. Players will learn through a games based approach using a standard tennis ball.

By the end of the course, apart from having had fun and enjoyment in developing their game, players should be able to rally more confidently with greater directional control and with spin, be confident in volleying at the net, serve consistently, and have a basic awareness of tactical play.


Level 3 Improver Intermediate Course

This course is for the improving, intermediate tennis player who is consistent with hitting medium paced groundstrokes, volleys and serves but who wants to develop more power and consistency on all their strokes and build greater tactical awareness.

The course will develop more tactical play (singles and doubles), more advanced stroke technique in hitting with power and spin, and the ability to hit speciality shots including lobs, overheads, drop shots etc.

By the end of the course players should really be enjoying taking their game to a more advanced level and will be developing mastery of power and spin, control of depth of shots, have a wider technical range of shot selection and be able play the game with more tactical awareness.


Advanced Team Training

A couple of our coaches run advanced matchplay and drills sessions. These are invite only, please let us know if you are interested.

Book A Court

Guarantees you can play while park is open. 1 or 2 hrs. Terms & Conditions

Just starting or want to improve? 5 or 6 week courses in a group, with a qualified coach. Shows all locations.

Pay & Play Weekly Social

Fancy a hit this week? Book a place on this week's social matchplay or team tennis sessions. Jnr & Adult. Shows all locations.

Contact Local Coach

Individual or coaching in pairs. THT approved coaches registered or licenced by the LTA. No other coaching permitted by LBTH licence.

Adult Tennis Courses