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Tower Hamlets Tennis Ltd

Local, Inclusive, Fun Tennis

A Social Enterprise Company Limited by guarantee.

Registered in England & Wales No. 7980500



We aim to provide accessible, affordable and enjoyable tennis to anyone wanting to hit a ball with a racquet, or anyone who thinks they might want to at least try.


We started off as a project between local community members, the Tennis Foundation, the Lawn Tennis Association and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. We incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee (social enterprise) in early 2012, after a year of community campaigning. We aspire to be a true example of sustainable Olympic legacy.


A small team of a Business Director, Customer Service Manager (also internal safeguarding lead) plus a Junior Coaching Lead are supported by a seasonal team of up to 20 assistant to professional coaches.


Whilst we recognize that tennis is a competitive and sometimes performance sport, this can often hide the real benefits of participation. We prioritise local inclusion, activity and fun in what we offer and channel our energies, profit and funding into :


1) Subsidised Junior Tennis

We run these weekly, almost year round sessions. Via our #2quidtennis programme (on hold due to COVID guidelines) your court bookings have helped us get thousands of kids on court for £2 per hour, with equipment and coaching provided. We usually provide over 600 hours a year of accessibly priced tennis.


2) Taking Tennis into the Community

We appreciate that many members of the local community won’t naturally come to our courts. So we aim to take tennis into the community and especially to those hard to reach groups. We also are teaming up with local Youth Organizations and delivery partners too deliver tennis in non-traditional settings such as car parks, and estate playgrounds, in fact you can just about play tennis anywhere.


If you think we can help you with this, please contact us.


3) Investing in local Youth

We have sponsored over 30 LTA coaching qualifications for local young persons (L1 to L3), using your court booking revenue. With 20+ East London young people benefitting from life opportunities through tennis. Some of these are now full time professional coaches, across many organisations, mainly focusing on recreational and participation tennis.


4) Maintaining and Improving Local Faciities

We spend  5 figure sum annually on specialist treatments, repairs and repainting. Via revenue share contract with Tower Hamlets, we continue to promote tennis as a self sufficient sport for 10000+ residents a year. This has resulted in the Council investing in new tennis courts and major resurfacing projects to further increase access. In 2011 when we started, all courts were 6-14 years old, bare macadam and poorly maintained.

By the end of 2021 we will all have access to 17 good to great quality courts.








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